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CardsFX is a simple toolkit for creating graphing and diagramming programs using JavaFX.

cardsfx basic elements

Its main focus is on providing base implementation for essential parts of a graph/diagram representation:

  • UI representation of a graph/diagram main parts:
    • drawing space (DrawingBoard)
    • nodes (Card)
    • connections between nodes (Connector)
    • attachment points on nodes for the connections (Pin)
  • node positioning on the board by dragging it with mouse/touch gesture
  • implementation of drag-and-connect gesture for connecting nodes by connections
  • multiple (group) node selection and positioning on board with mouse/touch gesture

There are a few sample implementations for nodes, connections and pins provided with the library and these are mainly meant as a samples and quick start pieces, not as a complete implementations for production use.

In order to be able to quickly and more easily use CardsFX, it may be helpful to take a look at the basic concepts behind the implementation and terms used througout the toolkit.

For more details, checkout the Git repo docs or more technical article which builds a sample application to illustrate inner workings of CardsFX toolkit.