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haxe-gl-matrix is a Haxe vector/matrix/quaternion library

Main goal of the library is to provide support for coding cross-platform OpenGL applications in Haxe, specifically to provide high-level support for OpenGL API type primitives: vectors and matrices. Quaternions are added because of their prevalent usage in 3D graphics application coding.

The library introduces nine types, all of which are essential for your everyday graphics programming:

  • Vec2 : 2-component vector
  • Vec3 : 3-component vector
  • Vec4 : 4-component vector
  • Mat2 : 2x2 matrix
  • Mat3 : 3x3 matrix
  • Mat4 : 4x4 matrix
  • Quat : quaternion
  • Quat2 : double-quaternion
  • Mat2d : 3x2 matrix, 3 columns and 2 rows where last column holds 2D translation vector and first two columns are a 2D rotation matrix

For each of the types there is a static extension class named by the type, with Tools suffix added to it:

  • Vec2Tools
  • Vec3Tools
  • Vec4Tools
  • Mat2Tools
  • Mat3Tools
  • Mat4Tools
  • QuatTools
  • Quat2Tools
  • Mat2dTools

For more details, checkout the README.